Born 1989, lives and works in Detroit, MI, USA



2011 BFA The Cooper Union, New York, NY, USA




The Peaceable Kingdom, Stems Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


Secret Honor, Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta, GA, USA

One Arm Bandit, AALA, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Fighting History with Lightning, MOCAD, Detroit, MI, USA (Curated by Pat Elifritz for Unboxing: Doublespeak)

The Truth Remains that No One Wants to Know, Larrie, New York, NY, USA



Soul Dolphin, What Pipeline in collaboration witth Park View, Los Angeles, CA, USA

The Feather Mantle, Freddy, Harris, NY, USA
FATEBE x OLDPUT, Galerie Maria Bernheim,
Zürich, Switzerland (with Ebecho Muslimova)
The Shrine of Venus, What Pipeline, Detroit, MI, USA (with Valerie Keane)

Brown Study, Plymouth Rock, Zürich, Switzerland
God Gives Us Food, Cornerstore Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA (with Jenn Smith)

All The Brown Butterflies, Essex Flowers, New York, NY, USA

All The Brown Butterflies, Cave, Detroit, MI, USA

Trinosophes, Detroit, MI, USA

Rim Runner, The Cooper Union, New York, NY (with Valerie Keane)



Cruise Kidman Kubric, Galerie Maria Bernheim, Zürich, Switzerland (curated by Mitchell Anderson)

Daily Rush, MOCAD, Detroit, MI, USA

New Image Portrait, Stems Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (curated by Todd Kramer)

Into the Pit, Zürich University of the Arts (Nest), Zürich, Switzerland



Room after Room, Spring / Break Art Show, New York, NY, USA (curated by Sam Strand and Emily Davidson)

Summer of Love, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Documenting Reality, Kunsthalle Wichita, Wichita, KS, USA

Annex at M+B, Los Angeles, CA, USA (curated by Jay Ezra Nayssan)

PreFab/Post-Fab: Art in a Ready Made Era, The University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities, Ann Arbor, MI, USA (curated by Amanda Kugliak and Lucy Cahill)


A Spaghetti Dress for World Peace, Park View, Los Angeles, CA, USA
In Paper We Trust, The Dot Project, London, England
Mom… Dad… I’m Getting a Dog, Bahamas Biennale Mukwonago, Wisconsin, USA
Hope, New Scenario, Dresden, Germany (curated by Paul Barsch & Tilman Hornig)
Sinister Feminism, A.I.R. Gallery, curated by Piper Marshall and Lola Kramer Brooklyn, NY, USA

Monster Mash, Vicki Projects, Newburgh, NY, USA
5th Feelings Film Festival, Montreal, Canada (curated by Adam Levett and Chloe Wise for
Pop Montreal)
Re:Re:Re:, Re:Art Show, Brooklyn, NY, USA (curated by Erin Davis and Max C.Lee)
Under the Volcano, LOMEX, New York, NY, USA
Ever Get the Feeling We’re Not Alone in this World?, What Pipeline, Detroit, MI, USA
15 Steps - Perspectives in Drawing, Red Bull House of Art, Detroit, MI, USA (curated by Tylonn Sawyer)
Mutiny in Heaven, First Continent, Baltimore, MD, USA (curated by Valerie Keane)

Feelings Film Festival II, Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY, USA
E.S.P. TV, MOCAD, Detroit, MI, USA (curated by Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller)
A Form is a Social Gatherer, Plymouth Rock, Zürich, CH
BSLA X Bobby Jesus, Bedstuy Love Affair and Tomorrow Gallery, New York, NY, USA

Video Center, The N’Namdi Gallery, Detroit, MI, USA
American Basketry, Bed Stuy Love Affair, Brooklyn, New York, NY, USA
The Smile Face Museum, Brooklyn, New York, NY, USA

Framing Space/Narrating Place, Leeds College of Art, West Yorkshire, UK (curated by
Christine Osinski)

Pollygrind Film Festival, Las Vegas, NV

New Filmmakers New York, Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY, USA

2011 Video Art and Experimental Film Festival, Tribeca Cinemas, New York, NY,

Brown, The Cooper Union, New York, NY, USA (with Valerie Keane and Emilie Gossiaux)



20 September 2019- “MOCAD Discusses Digital”, Soho House, Chicago, IL, USA

15 June 2019 - “Family Day Surrealist Face Painting with Old Put”, MOCAD, Detroit, MI, USA

11 May 2019 - “Artist Talk: Bailey Scieszka”, MOCAD, Detroit, MI, USA

8 February 2018 - “TALK Bailey Scieszka”, Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI, USA

24 June 2017 - “Old Put Crafts: Pinecone Dolls”, What Pipeline, Detroit, MI


9 July 2020 - “The Phantom Menace Syndrome” Zoom puppet show, Detroit to Brussels

1 June 2019 - “Old Put Signs Podcast Video Headshots in Hollywood, Baby”, AALA, Los Angeles, CA, USA

6 January 2019 - "Old Put Taps out of Depression at a Pizza Parlor", Scarrs Pizza with Larrie, New York, NY, USA

18 January 2018 - “Old Put Betsy Ross”, University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

10-11 June 2017 - "More Heart Than Brains", Galerie Maria Bernheim, Zürich, Switzerland

8 March 2017 - “Thirsty Olde Pitre”, 13th St. Theatre, New York, NY, USA (Curated by
Nick Faust for Act Up)

28 January 2017 - “The Soft Side of Hardcore”, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA,
(curated by Lola Kramer and Piper Marshall)

19 October 2016 - “Harvest Time Dismemberies”, Paris Internationale, Paris, France

22-23 July 2016 - “Heritage Bloodbath”, Bahamas Biennial, Detroit, MI, USA

1 July 2016 - “The Soft Side of Hardcore”, What Pipeline presented at Giovanna’s Bar,
Detroit, MI, USA

20 May 2016 - “The Soft Side of Hardcore”, Plymouth Rock presented at A La Luna Bar,
Zürich, Switzerland

7 May 2016- “The Soft Side of Hardcore”, NADA, New York, NY, USA

18 October 2014 - “All The Brown Butterflies”, PuppetArt Theatre Laboratory, Detroit,


2014 - PuppetArt Theatre Laboratory, The PuppetArt Theatre, Detroit, MI, USA

2010 - The Benjamin Menschel Foundation Grant, The Cooper Union, New York, NY, USA


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